Inverstors Relations & Customers Complaints

Inverstors Relations & Customers Complaints

Al-Riyada Finance & Investment Company has established an Investors Relations & Customers Complaints Unit to be responsible for making available all data, information and other reports for present and prospective investors. The Unit should work in an independent manner to provide timely and accurate information, including on the Company’s website, to its desired users in an unbiased manner, and for fairly representing the Company so that investors can make their own investment decisions.

Investors Relations is an integral part of the Corporate Governance framework of the company. The Unit manages the information and channels by which the efforts of the Board and the Executive Management are communicated to the outside world.

Designated spokespersons:

Specific officer is designated as the spokespersons to respond to individual inquiries made to the company by members of the investment community or financial media. No person in the company, other than the designated spokesperson, may respond under any circumstances to individual inquiries from the investment community or financial media unless specifically asked to do so by the designated spokesperson.

The Investors Relations Officer shall be responsible for coordinating with the Board and Executive Management for responding to Investor or market enquiries.

For any inquiry, please contact:

Ms. Zainah Mohammad Azzam

Investors Relations & Customers Complaints Officer

Al-Riyada Finance & Investment Co.

Al-Qibla, Mohmmad Thunayan Al-Ghanim St. Salhiya Complex, Gate No. 4, floor No. 5

Tel: +965-22922622 – Ext. 614



Based on Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) instructions through circular No. (2/RS/269/2011) concerning customer complaints; we are ready to receive your complaints by following procedures below:

(1) To download the Complaint Form Click here.

(2) Print out the Complaint Form.

(3) Complete and sign the Compaint Form.

(4) Send your Complaint Form to Al-Riyada by hand on our address: (Al-Qibla, Mohammad Thunayan Al-Ghanim Street, Salhiya Complex, Gate No. 4, Floor No. 5)  or  by mail on (P.O box 21739, 13078 Safat, Kuwait)  or  by e-mail on